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My brother-in-law, a senior ExxonMobil exec, and I got into a discussion about presentations the other night. We both heartily agreed that "presentation excellence" was a great boon to one's career/professional success. We also agreed that there is little or no formal training in preparing/giving presentations. He showed me a list of key ideas that he provided to his colleagues. (Proprietary.) The discussion motivated me to make my own list. You'll find my PowerPoint presentation "Presentation Excellence" appended to this Blog: 56 ideas for making a high-impact presentation. Such a long list is a little bit daunting no doubt ... but it's the culmination of 38 years of presenting, starting with my Pentagon tour in 1967-1968. Pick & choose as you wish. The main idea: TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! (We're all in sales all the time!)

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